In many countries VFR pilots are required to be equipped with a good flight plan before getting up in the air.  Using ordinary tools like protractors, rulers and manual flight computers it may take a while to be up in the air.  The tool on this website is developed to make this process quicker and easier.  By just adding waypoints on the map this tool automatically fetches the weather based on the nearest METAR station and generates a flightplan instantly. 

You may use this tool for free, although the sourcecode is copyright by myself or the respective owner of the components used.  Paid services may be added later; but this wont be the case in short term. Donations and suggestions are always welcome to make the continuous development of this application possible.

Registering is free. Only an email address, name and password are required and wont be used to spam nor will it be given to any other third party.

I wish you a great flight and hope to improve the fun of flying with these efforts.